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What to Know about Traveling in Portugal

One of the best ways to see Portugal is by car, but before you do, it is best if you familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the country. Just as in the UK., passengers must wear seatbelts.

You must be 17 to drive and children under 12 must ride in the back with a seatbelt. Speed limits range from about 50 kph (30mph) to 100 (62mph). The roads in Portugal are three lanes wide with the middle lane for passing in either direction. Horns are only to be used in cases of great danger.

The best time to see Portugal depends on you. Mid-June to September are Portugal's busiest season. The temperatures average 27C (low 80's F). It gets quite hot during July and August with temperatures reaching around 45C (about 118 F). Spring is the time to go if you would rather avoid large crowds. You can enjoy beautiful Portugal whether you are being thrifty, or if you have lots to spend.

There are many museums that you can get into free on certain days. You can also purchase family tickets, student tickets and senior card discounts. As far as dining goes, if you are happy with the service, 5% to 10% is the accepted rate for tipping. Many of the more expensive restaurants will have the tip included.

Many who travel to Portugal want to go for the beaches. Portugal has about 800 km (497 mi.) of beautiful coastlines. Check out Algarve for sunbathing, parasailing and surfing. Lagos is a great family beach and Praia Figueiras is the best place for secluded beaches. Of the national parks in Portugal, Parque Nacional da Peneda Geres is one of their finest. Braga is a university town with wonderful churches and an outstanding cathedral.

Lisbon is a city of old-world neighborhoods. Before you go, look up the places you would like to visit. You will find many of your questions answered. There is one web site by people who have traveled by car giving lots of good information. You may want to look into that. Happy traveling!

Hiring a car in Portugal is a great way to see this fabulous country.

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